Polishes and Coatings


Coatings allow for low maintenance as well as a lasting and durable solution for your structure. Coatings can either come in thin mil coatings or urethane resurfacers, depending on the structure and the specific needs for the floor. While thin mil coatings are wear resistant, chemical resistant, and are easy to clean, they are better used in areas of the structure with less traffic or activity. Urethane resurfacers are better for areas of high activity in the structure because it can restore the floor. Often, the thin mil system can be applied over this coating.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete allows for increased durability, cost effectiveness, and limited maintenance for your floor. Depending on the current finish of your structure, there are a variety of looks available for your specific needs. Polished concrete capitalizes on the floor currently in place at your structure instead of trying to go over it with a different material. Polished floors can also help increase the resistance to abrasions and impacts, while meeting OSHA and ADA recommendations on slip resistance. Polished concrete is available in multiple glosses.

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